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Principle 1:  Empowerment

People should be supported and encouraged to make their own decisions. This will be done by:

Clients are asked what they want to happen and safeguarding will be planned round this.

Principle 2:  Prevention

Organisations should work together to stop abuse before it happens by:

Clients will get clear and simple information about what abuse is and who to ask for help.

Principle 3:  Proportionality

When dealing with abuse situations our services will ensure that a risk assessment is done.  Any response should be appropriate to the risk presented. Our services will respect the person, think about what is best for them and only get involved as much as needed.

We are concerned about what is best for our clients and will only get involved when we need to.

MediCause Six Safeguarding Principles

The following six key principles underpin our adult safeguarding:

Principle 4:  Protection

Our clients must know what to do when abuse has happened by:

Clients can get involved in the safeguarding as much or as little as they wish.

Principle 5:  Partnership

We will attempt to work in partnership with other organisations, but only when directed to do so.

Client personal information will remain confidential and shared only it when it helps to keep the client safe, or if ordered by a court to reveal specified information.

Principle 6:  Accountability

Safeguarding is everybody's business. We are all accountable as individuals, services and as organisations.

Roles and responsibilities must be clear so that people can see and check how safeguarding is done.