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A Medical Information, Advocacy and Mediation Provider


115 High Road


Essex IG10 4JA

T: 07831 478989

E: david@medicause.co.uk

Mail: daviddighton@loughtonclinic.org

Individuals and organisations sometimes need:

  1. A better understanding of medical topics (like clinical evaluation, diagnosis and treatment) and want to know the significance of what they are told (or not told) by medical practitioners.
  2. To publish books, podcasts, Kindle files and other digital materials pertinent to medical education and the understanding of medical matters by the public.
  3. To ask about the suitability and appropriateness of medical case handling in the light of accepted knowledge, published research and the latest international practice.
  4. To know who is the most appropriate physician, surgeon and hospital (worldwide) for managing a particular medical condition, and
  5. To know which centres of excellence have the most experience and the best track record of success.
  6. Independent medical information about technical medical subjects in a form that will facilitate their decision making.

Individuals, media companies, lawyers and insurers sometimes need the latest medical information and its independent appraisal (its context, accuracy, reliability, appropriateness and significance). Without a medical education and clinical experience, few can gain a sufficient understanding of clinical data.

Some may wish to be accompanied by a knowledgeable mediator during their consultations with doctors.

MediCause can appraise the medical information available and summarise what is pertinent to a specific case or defined purpose.

All information provided will be free of political considerations and thus independent of the attitudes and opinions of the UK medical profession and the NHS (in the UK).

Overview of Purpose