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A Medical Information, Advocacy and Mediation Provider


115 High Road


Essex IG10 4JA

T: 07831 478989

E: david@medicause.co.uk

Mail: daviddighton@loughtonclinic.org
  1. To provide a medical information service for organisations and adults (age > 18-years), completely independent of the UK medical profession and NHS, providing relevant medical information, research, analysis and comment on medical matters that concern patients and their families and others who find themselves inadequately informed, in disagreement with registered medical professionals, and who seek independent guidance on the medical matters that concern them.

To publish books, podcasts, Kindle files and other digital materials pertinent to medical education and the understanding of medical matters by the public.

What MediCause does not provide is the diagnosis, care and treatment of illnesses, diseases, infections or to assess the wellbeing of patients. It does not provide registered medical or legal services (those legitimately provided in the UK only by certificated practitioners). One purpose is to comment on such activities and to liaise with medical practitioners if instructed to do so, and if thought advisable.  

8.  MediCause assessments will include scrutiny of data appropriateness, data validity and accuracy as well as the absence, pertinence and appropriateness of relevant meta-data.

9.  MediCause is not engaged in disease management or prevention (except for general prophylactic advice available in the public domain), medical diagnosis or the treatment of disease. MediCause recognises the legal right of the GMC to restrict such services to the doctors they register. (Medical Act 1983).

10. MediCause reserves the right to refuse its services to any individual or organisation.

11. MediCause information, advocacy and mediation services may include suggestions of practicable clinical significance. If so, it will be deemed obligatory for those who receive such information to discuss any issues raised with their medical practitioner (one of their choice, or one in charge of managing their case) before considering implementation or any further action.

12. Because the work of MediCause is independent of the UK medical profession and the NHS in the UK, and is not providing preventative, diagnostic or treatment services, it cannot accept any responsibility for any consequence of the information and advocacy provided.

13. Should a registered medical practitioner be engaged for information on behalf of MediCause, they will be deemed personally liable for any information they give containing medical advice and its consequences.

14. MediCause information, advocacy and mediation services will be restricted to those adult persons and organisations deemed capable of discussing and fully understanding the information provided.

15. MediCause information, advocacy and mediation services will be restricted to those judged to have a legitimate reason for medical information independent of the UK medical profession and NHS (employers, lawyers, patients, their families and guardians).

Objectives & Services

  1. MediCause information, advocacy and mediation services are provided by experienced physicians and surgeons (with at least 35-years-experience in medical practice), some of whom may no longer be in registered medical practice (retired or otherwise). The providers of medical information will all hold medical degrees from accredited universities.
  2. MediCause information, advocacy and mediation services may be provided to adults only via the telephone, the internet, messaging services, or in person.
  3. MediCause safeguarding principles will be in operation in all cases at all times (see here).
  4. MediCause information, advocacy and mediation services can include comment on the conduct and analysis of clinical progress in the hands of the medical, nursing, medico-legal professions and the NHS.
  5. Businesses, interested individuals, their relatives or legal representatives can commission a medical information report which surveys the latest medical information and includes the result of worldwide clinical research and its analysis.
  6. MediCause information, advocacy and mediation services may involve the review and critique of the performance of medical professionals, medical institutions, and medical government bodies (GMC, CQC, PSA) using only evidence-based, verified information.