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Our Books

I have published one book about the state of the NHS.  Three books about food and the heart, ask two important questions: which foods are good for the heart and arteries, and which are bad?

My latest book (November 2023) is How to Become Heart-Smart: A User’s Guide to Heart Health and Heart Disease Prevention.

Live and learn, learn and live.

Heart disease is our number one killer, so my message to all middle aged people living in the western world is this. Find it before it finds you! Having analysed food for nutrients with evidence for their beneficial and adverse effects, I wrote 'Eat to your Heart's Content' and 'HeartSense' as a less technical, paperback version. Both books answer the questions:

  1. How do I choose foods that are good for my heart and circulation? There is more to it than fats in food.
  2. How can I detect heart disease early? (Most people think that blood cholesterol provides the best early detection test for heart disease - they are wrong). Learn which tests are best.
  3. How can I survive our major silent killer - artery furring or atherosclerosis? What causes it, and how should it be treated. The role of smoking, alcohol, exercise, sleep and stress is discussed.

Here are just a few of my conclusions:

  1. Detecting artery 'furring' (atherosclerosis) should be part of every screening examination, and is essential for anyone thought to have coronary artery disease.
  2. Sunflower oil is better for you than olive oil.
  3. Exercise will half your chance of heart disease.
  4. Smoking doubles your chance of heart disease.

Forget the ever-changing hearsay about food and lifestyle issues - learn the facts.


I have two books in preparation (Sep 2023). One is being edited, the other I am still writing.

The Doctor's Apprentice - at edit stage

‘The Doctor's Apprentice' is about the art and science of medicine for doctors, medical students, carers and all medical professionals.

The art of medicine is being eroded in favour of the science of medicine. There is a reason for this. The results of science can easily be used by the legions of corporate executives who run the NHS. Since the art of medicine cannot be measured, it cannot be controlled.

The focus of the book is how best to manage every medical case as if they were a VIP. The contents list can be seen here. You can read the start of the Introduction thereafter.

Essential Cardiology - in writing

I am writing a book for medical students: Essential Cardiology. It is difficult for medical students to become proficient in cardiology. They need experience to examine patients meaningfully, to read ECGs, and then interpret what these mean. Many students qualify with no more than a basic understanding. My book is full of tips and tricks to help them understand the specialty.

The NHS.  Our Sick Sacred Cow - Published September 2023

This is an exposé of a medical profession in the UK. Why is it dysfunctional, and why is the NHS failing to provide effective medical care for UK citizens and become unfit for purpose?

One reason is that traditional medical culture in the UK has been eroded and replaced by the corporate culture of executives with MBAs. It is they who now direct what nurses and doctors are allowed to do for patients.

Fifty years ago, when the NHS was rightly revered, it was doctors and nurses who dictated to bureaucrats what they needed to serve patients.

The job of medical bureaucrats was simple - it was to fulfil these requirements. With bureaucrats in power, ring-fenced by laws, the NHS cannot return to being a functional service for UK patients without revolutionary changes. The text lists thirty changes I regard as essential.

The contents list details the subjects discussed. I have also included the beginning of the Introduction.

Please click on the image to download my e-book straight to your inbox for only £5.99.

How to Become Heart-Smart

November 2023

A User’s Guide to Heart Health and Heart Disease Prevention.

Have you ever witnessed the devastating impact of heart disease or a stroke on a loved one?

If your Mum or Dad have heart disease, you have a 4:1 chance yourself of getting the same.

Learn how to detect heart disease really early, and how to protect yourself and your family.

Please click on the image to download my e-book straight to your inbox for only £4.99.